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Benefits of CE marking:

• Circulation

• Freely circulate your product throughout the European


• Safer for the consumer

• Your product will be made safer for consumers ensuring

   all regulations are met.

• Reduces damage and liability claims

• The damage claims and liability premiums will be reduced

• Passport products

• With this "passport" your products can easily gain access to

   the entire European Union.                  

• One set of laws and regulations

• There will be only one set of laws and regulations for the  

   entire marketplace which guide the designing,

   manufacturing and labeling of products.


CE Marking covering Lincloln, Nottingham, Peterborough and the UK.  We can act as your responsible welding co-ordinator

This will be introducing a major piece of European Legislation which will affect a large number of small and medium sized fabrications who supply constructional steel work. In short it is being seen as a way of ensuring accountability to the industry and ensuring that all welding is in accordance with EN ISO 3834. It will be a criminal offence to supply structural metal work after this date unless it conforms to the standard and carries the legitimate CE mark.


Most of the work involved in achieving compliance is in the production and implementation of written procedures and the qualification of welding procedures.


CE Marking can indicate whether or not a product complies with the procedures and regulations. We can ensure your product meets all the CE mark requirements and provide excellent advice and risk assessments.

To find out more about CE Marking, please contact us today