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Why should you use Tech Inspections Ltd Welding Inspection Services?


“Welds hold the majority of structures in the world together, and not every process of manufacturing has the innumerable variables that welding has. A slight crack or improperly executed weld procedure can be catastrophic. It is so important that you consider the real value of having a certified welding inspector before you start any welding project. After all, it could be crucial to your success, before you even strike the first arc.”


In manufacturing, welds are used to join two or more metal surfaces. These connections may encounter loads and fatigue during its lifetime and there is chance that they may fail if not created to a proper specification.


Building weld quality assurance into products is the correct practice right from the beginning. This can be the use of technological methods and actions to test or assure the quality of welds, ensuring that mistakes are prevented from arising. Therefore, avoiding problems when delivering the correct solutions and services to customers.


It is good business sense to have manufacturing processes which are quality controlled, and implementing and creating the company workshop welding systems is key to traceability and conformance. This in turn reduces welding costs, improves welder productivity, downsize arc time, which benefits for future planning.


We can radically transform all aspects of any organization, having had many years of experience which your business will be able to draw from. With a long term approach for success within your company, demonstrating continuous improvements in all aspects, this is our ultimate goal at Tech Inspections Ltd.


There are various methods of weld testing and analysis that our experienced welding inspectors use, to assure the Quality and correctness of the weld before and after it is completes, the focus being on the quality and strength of the weld.


“Our team at Tech Inspections strongly believe in morals and ethical principles, and we do not charge for misused labour, or charge monthly subscriptions.”


Tech Inspections Welding Inspectors Service


The main benefit which your company will gain from using our certified welding inspectors is their good understanding of the manufacturing processes which are quality controlled. They are here to provide advice as and when is necessary, when witnessing weld tests (approval tests and procedure tests), and to help your welder fabricators develop a greater knowledge and understanding when carrying out the welder tests. This creates positivity and awareness for the fabricator and therefore the company will benefit as a whole.


Our welding inspectors can monitor welding before, during and after.


Before: Ensure that the correct pre-heat is used, ensure that all fits ups and joints are correct with specification, ensure that the welder is suitably qualified and ensure that the correct WPS is in place for the weld joint.


During: Ensure that the correct interpass temperature is maintained, ensure that the correct welding parameters are maintained and to ensure that the welder is following the WPS correctly.


After: Ensure that welds are visually inspected to the correct acceptance standard, ensure that the correct post treatment is applied, ensure that all records are updated, and at this point we can carry out the NDT. Please see our NDT Page.


Our welding inspectors and welding consultants will ensure that all operations concerning welding are carried out in strict accordance with written or agreed practices/specifications.


All of our welding inspectors are fully trained to minimum CSWIP 3.1 and are highly skilled in inspections and welding to the most up to date standards and regulations. We are here to make sure that only the highest possible quality is achieved, and as standard the safety regulations are met and completed on time.


Our welding inspectors will ensure that all of the most up-to-date codes and regulations are maintained. Effective welding consultancy for successful projects.