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Stage 1

Welding inspection in accordance with BS EN ISO 17637

In this stage we explain the requirements of the standard.


Stage 3

Terms and definitions

In this stage we explain the different welding terms and definitions, which they may come across on drawings or other welding documents.



Stage 5

How to use ISO 5817 (Quality level for imperfection) or any other relevant standards.

In this stage we show the candidate how to use imperfection standards.

Close up of some welded metal

After the course we can look at the welding processes and welding consumables that you are using and try to see if we can make any changes to make productivity more cost effective.


Our training is designed to increase your skills and knowledge to ensure it benefits your business. You will learn how to use tools correctly and identify defects.


By the end of our training you will have the confidence to practice your skills you have learnt. Further training is available, please contact us for more details.


Visual Inspection Training Syllabus & Welding Consultancy

All training and consultancy can take place on your company premises. We can train as many personnel as you want at any time, and please find below the syllabus for the training course.

Do you want to book your visual inspection training? Please contact us today

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Stage 2

Aids to visual inspection

In this stage we show candidates how to use inspection tools correctly.










Stage 4

Welding imperfections in accordance with ISO 6520-1.

In this stage we explain about the different imperfections and defects. We explain the causes and the prevention of the defects, so the candidate can identify defects and be able to determine what is the cause, so future defects can be eliminated.


Stage 6

A practical lesson in the workshop.