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Coded Welding Training

Designed around the individual

Our coded welder training is specifically designed to suit each individual’s requirements. This ensures that the individual develops the skills and capabilities in order to carry out welding tasks competently and to test standard.

From Beginner to Advanced

We cater for all levels of experience from beginner training to advanced levels. Our coded welder training help’s to identify any weaknesses in the candidate’s technique and then provides practical hands-on correction.

Our coded welder training is  provided by accredited welding tutors and examiners who are also CSWIP approved welding inspectors, these tutors and examiners are suitably registered for witnessing, welding and permanent joining.

Coded Welder Training Tech Inspections Ltd

Pre assessment of candidates to determine skill level

Our experienced and qualified welding tutors assess all candidates prior to any training to determine their current skill level. We have found this is a critical process at it helps us to provide an accurate estimate of the timescale required in achieving a particular desired test standard.

Our Policy: Welder testing is an expensive exercise and investment; therefore ONLY when we are confident that he/she has attained the required standard will we submit a welder for testing

Coded Welder Training Course Contents

The course duration and content are flexible to suit your specific needs and can comprise any combination of welding processes Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) , Manual Metal Arc (MMA) , Metal Inert Gas  / Metal Active Gas (MIG/MAG), Flux Cored Arc Welding, and Oxy-Acetylene).

Coded Welder Training includes to standards:

We cover most procedures including MIG/MAG, MMA, TIG and FLUXCORE in Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminium and can certify to

  • BS EN 15614,
  • ASME
  • ASME1X
  • BS4872-1/2
  • ISO 9606-1/2
  • BS EN 9606
  • BS EN 287-1

Tech Inspections offer a range of other coded welding tests, if you would like more information then please click here for more details or call 0800 999 3834

If this is your First Coding

For your first coding, our Inspectors/Trainers can spend some time with you beforehand to further increase your chances of passing, showing you exactly what is expected before you take your test.

Contact us today to discuss your welding requirements, call 0800 999 3834

Client Testimonials

Tech Inspections have shown professionalism and experience in assisting us to obtain welder approvals and weld procedures to both 15614 & ASME standards we would highly recommend them to other engineering companies who require assistance in these areas

Chris Ryder

We are proud to use Tech Inspections Ltd & welding services, for their professionalism and expertize in the training of our engineers to the standard of coded welding, and obtaining the necessary certificates.

Ray Duncan
Rating : 5

Tech Inspections have always shown professionalism and vast experience in the role as our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator. They have assisted with audits and given us appropriate guidance where required, whilst offering practical  hands-on training and advice whenever needed.