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Fully accredited weld
surveillance, inspection and

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Some of Our Client Testimonials

Tech Inspections have shown professionalism and experience in assisting us to obtain welder approvals and weld procedures to both 15614 & ASME standards we would highly recommend them to other engineering companies who require assistance in these areas

Chris Ryder

We are proud to use Tech Inspections Ltd & welding services, for their professionalism and expertize in the training of our engineers to the standard of coded welding, and obtaining the necessary certificates.

Ray Duncan
Rating : 5

Tech Inspections have always shown professionalism and vast experience in the role as our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator. They have assisted with audits and given us appropriate guidance where required, whilst offering practical  hands-on training and advice whenever needed.

Welding Procedures and Welder Approvals

Our company provides a comprehensive and professional range of services to clients with or without welding experience. Our welding inspections are carried out in strict accordance with written, or agreed practices or specifications.

Welds hold the majority of structures in the world together, and not every process of manufacturing has the innumerable variables that welding has. A slight crack or improperly executed weld procedure can be catastrophic. It is so important that you consider the real value of having a certified welding inspector before you start any welding project. After all, it could be crucial to your success, before you even strike the first arc.

Non Destructive Testing

Are you looking for some Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)? If so, you might be interested in some more information on Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye-Penetrant Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing or Visual Inspection. If you already know which form of NDT you’re looking for, then you can contact us here or call 0800 999 3834.

Welding Consultants Providing Guidance

Do you require some guidance from one of our consultants? Are you looking for a consultant to offer guidance and advice? There is information available to you on Fabricated Steel CE Marking, as well as Welding Quality Management Systems on this website. If you’re sure on how we can help you, then please contact us here.

Would Your Welders Benefit From…

Do you feel like you and your welders would benefit from some expert training? Your welders may gain the expertise they require