Responsible Weld Co-ordinator

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Responsible Welding Co-Ordinator Services

To comply with CE marking regulations you must produce a weld quality management system to document your quality control processes and have a responsible welding coordinator (RWC) available to oversee welding activities and ensure your structures meet the criteria set out in the standard. It may not be feasible for your company to employ a full-time RWC which is where we can help. We can offer the services of an RWC as and when required to oversee your welding activities.

The main aspects of the RWC’s responsibilities in accordance with EN ISO 14731:2006 include but are not limited to:

  • Review of technical and contractual requirements.
  • Sub-contract activities.
  • Qualification of welding procedures, welders & welding operators.
  • Equipment suitability, maintenance & calibration.
  • Production planning.
  • Selection, suitability and control of materials & welding consumables.

We will ensure your Welding Procedure Qualification Records, Welding Procedure Specifications and Welder Qualifications meet the requirements of BS EN 1090.

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Responsible Welding Coordinator Training

We can also assist you with the training of an RWC. We offer welding coordinator training conducted by a fully qualified and experienced welding quality control co-ordinator. The 2-day classroom course is ideally suited for Managers/Supervisors/Experienced fabricators who will adopt the responsibility for your welders. At the end of the course, your staff will be competent to complete the role of an RWC within your company.

Whether you need to contract our RWC services or are interested in our training course, contact us today.